Queerstory: The Musical


Join #internationalidiot Mercury Presents and academic musician Maxim Melton for the history lesson we never got in school.

Exploring the lives, culture and stories of the LGBTQIA+ community throughout history, Maxim and Mercury take you on a musical and glitter filled cabaret-lecture.

Historic heroes and modern icons feature in a music hall production of patter songs, ballads and

cabaret numbers that explore everything from the silencing of the non binary community in main stream media to the sexual semiotics of gay men in San Francisco.

From Dietrich to Drag Queens, Shakespeare to ‘Shantay you stay’, Kushner to a good ol’ kiki, Queerstory is a riot in stilettos.

Combining personal experience, academic theory and historical research, Queerstory shines a light on the queer parts of history that we were never taught about and the queer people who fought for the equality the LGBTQIA+ community experience currently. Through this, the show wants to recognise how far we have come and how far there is left to go and, hopefully, energise the audience to keep proud, strong and defiantly fabulous!

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Queerstory is the first full length musical Luttley has written. Constant updates are still being made and news of dates, material releases and developments are shared on their social media platforms.

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Princess Charming


We don't like being told what to do..
Some boys like pink, some girls like football. Whatever!
We're here to sing, shout, stamp, dance, dress up and be ourselves.

Princess Charming explores gender stereotypes for children aged 7-11 in a fun, questioning and celevbratory way using a variety of acts, toys, skits and dressing up. Watch our cabaret performers telling stories, dancing and messing about with a chance to join in too!

Princess Charming is a project created with Charlotte Worthing, Amy Draper and Stewart Melton, with original production support by Spun  Glass Theatre, and technical / musical support by Simon Booth, Kat Heath and Darren Clark. 

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Whilst Princess Charming takes a break from its tour, there are plans to make it bigger, better and to visit more places to destroy the pink / blue divide.

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Un Cas de Nostalgie


Meet Pi. 

Their head in the clouds and their feet firmly half way up in the air, they cannot help but dream.

Join them as they travel through the landscape of their imagination, suitcase in hand, and meet some truly unusual characters. From a geisha to a stripper, this cheeky little mime cannot resist flirtations with those that they meets – but what happens when they find out about one another?

Which one will be chosen?

**** Theatre Full Stop

***** Views From the Gods

***** This is Cabaret

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Pi the Mime is an award winning, international act in their own right - and so has their own website.

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Other Projects


Alexander Luttley is also working on a number of other projects, including:

Princess Barista – A comic musical about people working in the coffee industry.

Cosmos – A solo musical starring Mercury Presents on the subject of fame.

ICARU – A full length musical in collaboration with renowned composers on the Greek myths.

Pi the Mime 3.0 – A trilogy of shows for Pi exploring the art of the clown, mime and jester.

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Stay in touch to find out all the information on Luttley and their projects first.

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