Pi the Mime


Cabaret Artist

Alexander Luttley created Pi for Mimetic Festival, a festival celebrating mime and cabaret, which introduced Luttley and Pi to the world of burlesque. Since then, Pi the Mime has gone on to headline some of the most respected shows in the UK, win awards and tour internationally.


Theatre Mime

Pi was initially a character designed for theatre, beginning life in full length show Un Was de Nostalgie. Since then, Luttley has toured with Pi's solo show and is in the process of creating an ambitious trilogy show to preview late 2019;


Circus Clown

As well as the cabaret bars and theatre stages, Pi has become a recognised circus clown in troupes and cast shows including Neon Moon, Mariah and Friends, Rumour Mill, Not My Circus and Luttley's company The House of Q, bringing the physical comedy to these productions.